Lock Up Your Womens

A year ago, I created a similar image for a gross person’s birthday.

This year, I present you with ‘Sup Ladies version Two Point OHYEAH.

Hope you like it!


I Only Own One Belt…

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  And for those of you not in America, or who don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you had a lovely day anyway!  Clearly I had a good time.



I realized I hadn’t posted anything in a bit, so here is a doodle of how I currently look [bold and beautiful].


Here, have a song:


Family Photo


Say cheese.

Halloweenies 2



It Means Happy Halloween.

Happy Halloween everybody c:


Even though it’s a couple weeks away, I thought I’d post this while I was working on the costume pictures!  More drawings to come.

Halloweenies 1


HEYLOOK I am actually doing that thing I said I would do.


Hope you like it! 😀